Navrathri – Day 9

Happy Saraswati Pooja to all!!

It is Day 9 of this beautiful festival, Navratri,  which is almost coming to an end – and Saraswati pooja is celebrated by all on this day!!
Books are placed in front of the idol and prayers are offered to the Goddess of Learning…….. who is revered and worshipped on this special day!

The Goddess is generally decorated in white personifying purity and peace.  The idol is adorned with flowers and special sweet treats are offered to celebrate this auspicious day!
Families follow different traditions in their offerings – check out the link below for an idea for a simple sweet treat and savoury offered to the Goddess on this day!


Navratri Day 9

Navratri Day 9

Wish Everyone a Happy Pooja – May you be showered with blessings from the Almighty!!


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