Preparation of Rice Flour


Raw Rice which is ground into a fine or coarse powder is Rice Flour.

This can be either prepared at home or can be purchased from Indian grocery stores and used in the preparation of some dishes.
Traditionally, freshly ground rice flour is used especially on festive occasions.  Since it is readily available, my preference is to use that especially in the preparation of  snacks!

Preparation of Rice Flour

Soak the raw rice in water for ½ an hour.
Drain all the water and air it on a muslin cloth or paper towelfor about 15 minutes.
When all the moisture has been absorbed, grind it into a fine powder.

My preference is NOT to use Basmati Rice to make the Rice Flour as the dishes do not have the traditional taste and flavour!
The ground rice mixture has to be put through a fine sieve several times to get a fine texture !



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