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Molly Wizenberg author and a food blogger said

‘I hate the notion of a secret recipe. Recipes are by nature derivative and meant to be shared – that is how they improve, are changed, how new ideas are formed.
To stop a recipe in it’s tracks, to label it “secret” just seems mean.”

No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present,
the wisdom of cookbook writers.”  said Laurie Colvin

My keen interest and passion for cooking has been the driving force behind the desire to share the recipes with you. These recipes are especially designed for bachelors, married  and the unmarried youngsters starting their lives on their own with little or no help at all.  These recipes are for those who love Indian vegetarian meals as well as for those who would like to experiment and lay a quick indian meal on the table.
The South Indian recipes mentioned here are mostly conformed to households consumed as everyday meals.  My preference is to use Rice Bran oil for both shallow and deep fry cooking and gingili oil for some traditional south indian recipes

My “home style cooking recipes, I hope, will help young, jubilant, enthusiastic individuals who would love to dish out ‘a little something’ everyday on the table for their spouses and family, develop their interest and stretch it to party levels.

Some people have very little time, inclination or the opportunity in their younger days to learn or experiment the various traditional dishes. Later, the necessity to cook for their own family and friends arises and the guidance may be sought from close family members, friends, books and ofcourse the INTERNET!!!

This, I have put together as a result of  over three and a half decades of  hosting  family and friends  in Sydney, Australia, in addition to the enormous support given by them.
My enthusiasm and interest in cooking started and developed in my mother’s kitchen.
My mother taught me the basics and encouraged me to assist her in everyday cooking , which I immensely enjoyed.  Soon my four sisters and I started assisting my mother and grandmother in making the festive treats especially for our very encouraging and appreciative father!

The enthusiasm for cooking continued after I got married due to my husband and his family’s support  and thereafter my two sons, whose appreciation (and criticism) I guess brings out the best in me!!
This encouraged me to experiment, develop and improvise on the various dishes especially the traditional festive treats, which my husband’s mother and I jointly dished out on numerous festive occasions over the last 30 years!!!

I hope you enjoy cooking these dishes as much as I love sharing them with you

The joy of sharing these recipes on the internet could not be possible without my Dear Friend, Mentor and Webguru, Sandhya (Sandy) Naidu whose dedication, modesty and sincerity is unsurpassed.

If you would like to contact me please send me an email at [email protected] or if you wish to leave your feedback, please do so in the comments section under each recipe!



  1. Kala Ravi says:

    Fantastic , Shobha !!! Looking forward to more dishes . Should try some of your recipes at home !!

  2. Beautifully written Shobha – Love this site and will be dropping by frequently – I think your recipes will be of great help to everyone – not just the newly married youngsters…

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks Sandhya – hopefully I will try and post as many recipes as I can – would love your feedback and comments

  3. krishna, lakshmi, kumar, easwar says:

    Shobha – we are speechless – it will be our homework to try out youor recipes

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thank you Krishna, Lakshmi, Kumar and Easwar – Please try out the recipes and will be delighted to receive your feedback!!!

  4. Great work Shobha!
    looking forward to trying the Malai Kofta soon.

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks Mansi – appreciate you taking the time to look up my website and would love to hear your feedback on the malai kofta – would be posting more as and when I can take photos too!!

  5. Hi Shobha,
    I was talking to Maya who is doing a student placement at the Perisher Med centre and she suggested i checkout your blog! I am super excited to try some of your recipes, indian food is my favourite!

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Hi Claire
      That”s great to hear! Would love you to browse and try the recipes you like. I am slowly but surely adding more recipes almost every day. Some of them are quite simple and easy – and most of them are easy on the stomach – Have fun and say hi to Maya and give her a big hug for me!!!Take care….

  6. Priiya Shankar says:

    Wow. I loe the new look of this website. Well done!!!!

  7. Hey Shoba, the facelift for the site looks fantastic.

  8. Congrats! The new look website really looks nice …. specially you signature!

  9. Hey Shobha,
    This is awesome! Now I can make a list of dishes I want to eat before I come visit! : )

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      ha Ha giri – anytime mate – just let us know when you are coming in advance so I am here to dish it out…thanks for the feedback…Love shobha

  10. Shobha Aunty!!!! This website is sooooo great!!! Absolutely awesome food.!! waiting to try everythin in here!!! esp the sweet treats.!! keep posting recipes.!! 😉 🙂

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks Darling Kamna – will definitely post more recipes especially sweet treats given that Diwali is not too far away!!!!hope it will help especially people like you who will be starting a “new” life soon!!!appreciate your feedback…..

  11. Its such a lovely site !!! my search for a one stope veg recipes site had been answered ! 🙂

  12. Hi shobha
    Great site. Can’t miss the passion and dedication you show in keeping this an interesting website. All the recipes look appetizing and I am just getting started

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Hi Pavithra – thanks so much for browsing!!! As I just started a couple of months ago, I am stil getting there and hope to post as many recipes as I can!!!Would appreciate your feedback and suggestions from time to time….

  13. Lovely recipes Shobh. I’m definitely trying a few of them.

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks Ann – let me know how you go with it – the kulfi recipes are quite handy given that summe is around the corner for us down under…!!

  14. Looking good mum. I think we will be using this website quite a lot next year!

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      WOW Darling – thanks a lot for the compliment…..Main idea of creating this website – so people like you guys can use it one click!!!! All the Very Best!!!

  15. Hi Shoba
    Great site I love it . Ramesh has weekness to Andhra cooking – I love the recipes . I have just got started .
    All the very best & keep going

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thx Ruku…enjoy – am trying to add more recipes whenever I find time…tell Ramesh he is also welcome home anytime for Andhra delicacies…!

  16. Hope to see you over Master Chef – Australia !! Interesting to read your recipes and feels great to have known you and continue to know you through the internet !!

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thx Ashok for browsing the website and providing your feedback….this website I created particularly for youngsters so that they have access to traditional indian vegetarian recipes!

  17. only a great cook and a gracious host can write cookery tips so passionately. Your recipe style is simple enough for even novice cooks to follow, yet very effective. Keep up the good work.

    With warmth

    Vish and Gita

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Hi Dear Vish and Gita thank you so much. It means a lot coming from you.
      Thank you for browsing, your input, appreciation and feedback! look forward to hosting you sooner than later!!


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