Chapati or Roti

Chapatis or Phulkas as they are called is a healthy Indian bread which can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner.  They taste great with any accompaniments – even pickles!

My childhood favourite (and still is) is to eat the chapati with warm milk and sugar or a dollop of yoghurt and sugar!!!!
which turns out to be very ideal on “salt free”  fasting days! (Avoid adding the salt when preparing the dough as well).
Chapatis or Phulkas prepared in the manner described below works well on a gas or a coil stove!

Ingredients to make 20 chapatis (depending on the size)

2 Cups Wheat Flour
½ cup of warm water (enough to make it into a firm but soft dough)
¼ Cup Hot Milk
A Pinch Sugar (optional)
¼ Tsp Salt

¼ Cup of Flour in a flat plate (to prepare the chapati)

Add the salt and sugar to the flour
Mix the warm water and the milk
Add it in small quantities and Knead the mixture to make a
firm but soft dough
Keep aside for about half an hour or so
Divide the dough into medium sized balls

Preparation of the Chapati

Heat a flat based pan on a medium flame
Take individual balls one by one and roll out evenly to 10-12 centimetres in diameter, patting it with the flour on both sides so it does not stick
Put the individual chapati on the pan
When the bottom side of the chapati starts to form tiny bubbles and you can see that it is light brown and cooked, flip it to the other side.  When both sides are cooked, remove the pan from the stove and flip the chapati directly on a high flame on both sides – remove from fire when it puffs up
Place it in a soft cloth in a covered dish
Repeat the above process until all chapatis are done

Note: It is optional to smear some ghee on the chapati but my preference is not to use any fat at all in the preparation or after,  as it is healthy to eat it as is!! Chapatis can be eaten with any sabji and dal.
You may sift the wholemeal flour if the flour is very grainy in texture