Happy New Year


Hi Everyone

Thank you very much for your inspiration, encouragement, honesty and sincerity in keeping CookingWithShobha website growing and glowing!!

Perhaps one day……………I will post videos (after I quit my day job!!)

It has been a very fruitful, productive and successful year for CWS as far as I am concerned as I was able to share recipes with all of you!! Most of you I am sure are familiar with many recipes as it has been handed down from generations……The satisfaction I derive from posting the recipes is to share what we have been taught and have learnt along the way cooking for family and friends!!  It gives me immense pleasure when I receive feedback from people predominantly the youngsters, who I particularly wanted to target and feel very happy that I am able to reach out to them…..As always much appreciate your feedback, suggestions and even recipes that you would like me to share with everyone –
In case you have not noticed, I have a ‘guest corner’ as one of the categories!! 
I will post the recipe with the photo handed to me by any of you –

Thank you once again and Wish you and your family a Happy Healthy Safe and Prosperous 2016…

Happy Cooking Partying and Sharing!!

Best Wishes and Regards