Instant Green Apple Pickle

Are you looking for an instant pickle to serve the family for dinner or a last minute thought before the guests arrive???
All you need is a couple of green apples and some spices!!  The preparation time is less than 10 minutes – it  tastes absolutely delightful and delicious!!
It can be bottled for up to 3 days or more if stored in the fridge!!
This variety of green apples are known as Granny Smith apples in Australia as it originated in Australia in 1868 and is named after Maria Ann Smith who propagated this variety!!!

Granny Smith apples  have a lovely crunchy flesh and are very juicy!! They are high in anti-oxidants and the nutrition is preserved if eaten with the skin.
These apples are low in calories, very high in dietary fibre and potassium!!  They are available all year around and particularly in autumn!

The blending of the spices used in this recipe is quite similar to the traditional Avakai spice mix, which is flavoursome and unique!


2 Medium Sized Green Apples
1-2 Tsp  Raw Black Mustard Seeds
4-5 Dry Red Chillies
1/4 – ½ Tsp Salt
¼  Tsp Turmeric Powder
4  Tbs Gingili Oil

Granny Smith Apple Pickle

Instant Green Apple Pickle


Grind the red chillies, raw mustard seeds into a fine powder and set aside
(put it through a sieve if it is not fine)
Core the apple and chop the flesh into small pieces with the skin
Place it in a large bowl
Sprinkle the salt and turmeric powder
Add 2 tablespoons of oil on all the apple pieces in a large bowl
Stir in the ground mustard and chilli powder thoroughly
Add the remainder of the oil if it is too dry
(The consistency of the mix should be such that you are able to grab the mix in your hands and be able to let go easily without excess oil in your hands)
Once all the apple pieces have been smeared with the mix, transfer it into a ceramic jar or bottle.

It is ready to be served
Note:  The shelf life for this pickle when stored in the fridge is up to a week –