Kaju (Cashew Nuts) Katli

Kaju is Cashew nut and Katli means Slice – otherwise known as Cashew nut Barfi!

A quick easy and simple sweet treat recipe to dish out for any occasion!!!
All you need is raw cashew nuts and sugar!!!  The amount of sugar in this recipe is considerably less compared to other sweets!!

All nuts including cashew nuts are high in unsaturated fats– Although the fat content is about 50% they do not contain any cholesterol.
Cashew nuts are rich in Vitamin E, great source of minerals and in particular magnesium and zinc.

Ingredients to make approximately 30 pieces

3 Cups                   Raw Cashew Nuts
1 Cup                     Sugar
1 Cup                     Water
2 Tsp                     Ghee
½ Tsp                   Cardamom Powder

Kaju Cashew nut Barfi

Kaju Katli


Powder the raw cashew nuts to a coarse dry mix, add the cardamom powder and set aside
Have a rectangular or circular dish with a teaspoon of ghee smeared on it for the mix to be poured after it is done
Smear the remainder of the ghee on to the back of a flat cup for later use

Bring the water to the boil, pour in the sugar to make the syrup
Let it boil until bubbles are formed and the syrup is stringy
(my preference is to test the syrup in a small bowl of water – Test it with a few drops of the syrup
you should be able to roll the syrup with your fingers bringing it together)
The syrup is now ready
Add the cashew nut powder into the sugar syrup and swiftly mix it together
Pour this mix into the greased dish
Pat the entire mixture evenly with the ghee smeared cup

Cool and cut it into diamond shaped barfi
The Kaju Katli or Barfi is now ready to be served!!