Navratri – Day 1

Nav-ratri literally means 9 nights Р9 divine nights of festivities  celebrated in all parts of India and ofcourse Indians living overseas too!
This festival generally falls in the months of September or October or end of September through to October for 9 days.

Nine forms of the Goddess of power, one on each day is worshipped with great pomp and grandeur Р Colourful decorations adorn the houses and there is generally an awesome display of dolls placed on various steps in tiers!
Various talents are displayed during this festive season, including vocal musical talents.

Childhood memories which have am sure stuck with most of us is not only arranging the dolls for display but also dressing up in traditional attires, visiting other homes
who have displayed dolls as well!!

One of the main attractions in those days as kids for us was the collection of “sundal” a snack which is devoured by one and all!

On each day I would like to share a combination of a sweet and sundal treat which are the signature dishes served on this occasion at home as well as the neighbours and friends who visit you each single day!!


Navratri Day 1

Navratri Day 1

Enjoy the festive season and Be Safe!!