Ompodi or Sev

Snacks may be a sweet or a savory, which is generally had between lunch and dinner. Some of them are made fresh and others can be prepared in advance!!
Some sweet treats and savories are made for special occasions, festivals and weddings. Generally the dry sweets and savories can be stored in airtight containers to keep fresh for a week to 10 days.
Some snacks are served as ‘entrees’ while others are had for breakfast or at teatime in the evening to suit the individuals’ taste
This particular savory can be prepared in advance – even a week earlier-

My preference is to have atleast one or two entrées/snacks/desserts on the menu that can be prepared in advance to reduce the pressure of cooking on that day even if it is a small gathering!!!
this way the energy levels can be spread over a few days hence giving more time to socialise!!!!!!

Ompodi or Sev as it is popularly known as  is a snack that can be prepared in advance and is usually very handy to serve as a nick-knack before a 3-course meal is served!!  Ajwain, Carom Seeds or Bishop’s weed as it is called is the main spice used in this snack!  Ajwain has wholesome natural goodness and treats gastro intestinal, respiratory disorders
It cures Migraines and Rheumatism as well!!
Ajwain soaked in water and filtered is consumed instead of plain drinking water as it is good for stomach ailments!!

This snack is a popular savory treat during festive occasions as well as served as an entree with drinks!

The key ingredients are beasan, rice flour and  Ajwain (known as Omam in tamil nadu).

Ingredients to make approximately 10

2 Cups Besan Flour
½ Cup Rice Flour
2-3 Tsp Ajwain Carom Seeds or Bishop’s weed
1 Tbs Margarine or Butter
1-½ Tsp Salt
¼ Cup Water (approximately)
3  Cups Oil

Ompodi Sev

Ompodi or Sev


Grind the Ajwain into a fine powder and set aside
Add some water to it and let it soak till you get the mixture ready
Mix the rice flour, besan flour, margarine, salt and the soaked ajwain
Divide it into lemon size portions and keep aside.

Heat the oil in a deep frying pan on a medium flame.
Pour in the soaked Ajwain little by little only when necessary on a portion of the mixture and mix it to form into a soft but firm consistency (add more water if necessary)

Take a handful of the mixture and place it in the bottom portion of the murruku maker and place the top portion of the maker above it.
Hold the 2 handles of the maker slightly above the pan of hot oil, pushing the top portion girmly and moving it gently in a circular movement straight into the hot oil.
The soft mixture goes through the *small plate of the snack maker – as pictured below

Sev or Ompodi Maker

Ompodi Maker

Fry the Ompodi or Sev till it turns very light  golden colour on both sides.
(ensure that the Ompodi or Sev does not turn a bright golden brown as the real taste of the Ajwain may be lost)
Drain it on a paper towel
Repeat this process for the remaining mixture

Note: The *small plate to be used for this recipe should have very tiny holes for the soft mixture to get through.  Choose the plate with the tiniest holes for this snack – the plates come in a pack for other snacks like Murukku, Ribbon Pakoda.
My preference is to use low fat margarine instead of butter!!