Pistachio Burfi



A Cup of Pistachios, Sugar and Ghee is all that is needed to make this delicious sweet treat!
A wondrous nut for diabetes patients, which is high in protein, Vitamin E and rich in anti oxidants

Special treats are made out of the this world’s greatest and healthiest nut!!
One such sweet treat is the burfi….

Ingredients- for approximately 20 pieces

1 Cup Raw Pistachio Nuts (quarter cup of water to grind the pistachios)
1 Cup Ghee *
2 Cups Sugar
1Cup Water
2-3 drops Pistachio Essence
2 drops Food Colouring (Optional)

(*Ghee is butter melted in a pan until golden brown – unsalted butter is generally used in the preparation of sweets )

Raw Pistachios Burfi

Pistachio Burfi


Add quarter cup of water to the raw pistachios and grind into a fine mixture
Set aside

Heat the cup of water in a deep based pan.
Add the sugar and keep stirring till the syrup thickens to the right consistency.
(To check the right consistency of the syrup, add a few drops of the sugar syrup into a bowl of water. The syrup is ready when it can be lifted and curled gently with the forefinger and thumb)

Pour in the ground mixture and keep stirring till it solidifies.
Add the food colouring and essence. Pour the ghee and keep stirring till the mixture starts to separate from the pan.
Tilt the mixture into the already greased plate and cut into squares or diamond shapes after 10 minutes.

Note: Almond Burfi can be prepared in a similar manner using Raw Almonds and Almond essence is used
Raw Pistachios are also used to make Pistachio Kheer, which is simple and quick!!