Preparation of Ghee

Although the preparation of Ghee is a weekly ritual for most people who either consume Ghee on a daily basis or in the preparation of dishes and is a simple routine. A few youngsters asked me if I had this recipe on my website – this prompted me to post this simple recipe on the website….

Ghee is simply melted salted or unsalted butter
also called clarified butter
It is quite popular in the preparation of exotic Indian cuisines.

If you are someone like me who is very fond of ghee this question often props up in your mind – Is Ghee good or bad for you ? The general myth is that Ghee is bad for you – but studies have shown that Ghee ofcourse had in moderate quantities has its own benefits:

Helps reduce cholesterol (not good for someone who already has high cholesterol)
Good for the nerves and brain
It is beneficial for people who have glaucoma
It has many nutrients, rich in anti oxidants and also helps absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body
Did you know that most Ayurveda medicine is generally ghee based? 

 If you are fit and healthy, do not pause before you tip that spoon of ghee on hot rice!!  Typical South Indian households also consume ghee in moderate quantities to mix with plain rice, gravies or curries, which adds that extra flavour and taste to the dish!!
Ghee is considered safer than butter!! So feel less guilty and GO GHEE  today!!

 As is the case with almost everything, consuming ghee in moderate quantities helps in being able to enjoy something you love for a longer period of time!!!

If your household is anything like ours, preparation of ghee is atleast twice a week ritual as our family loves to consume fresh ghee!! It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare!!

Preparation of Ghee

Preparation of Ghee

Preparation of a cup of ghee

Melt 125 grams of unsalted butter in a deep frying pan in a stove on medium heat
Allow all the butter to boil in medium flame
The butter should boil till it froths, bubbles and changes colour
Stir through to check the colour and  and let it simmer
The ghee is ready when the boiled butter turns into a beautiful golden brown colour

Pour it into a cup and it is ready to be served or used in the preparation of dishes!

Note:  Once the preparation of ghee is complete you may drain the ghee into a bowl using a strainer.
This can be stored up to a week for daily use. Ghee tends to solidify depending on the temperature – in winter, Ghee tends to solidify fairly quickly –
the solidified ghee can be placed on low heat to melt before use!
A sprig of fresh drumstick leaves may be added into the ghee when it is just ready to be taken off the stove – this gives an extra flavour and texture to the ghee!!