Puris are made out of wheat flour and are a family favourite in our household and am sure it is the case with most families.  The kids in particular  generally prefer puris to rotis or chappatis!!  The preparation of the dough is  the same – so it is advantageous to switch from making puris to chappatis even at the last minute.  The two main differences are that you would get fewer chappatis than puris as the quantity of dough used is less for making puris and puris are deep fried whereas chappatis are not!!

Ingredients to make 20 Puris

2 Cups Wheat Flour
1/2 Cup Luke Warm Water
1 Tsp Salt
2 Cups Rice Bran Oil (for deep frying)

Puri Recipe


Preparation of the Puris

Mix the flour and the salt.
Add the water little by little into the flour and knead the mixture to make a firm but soft dough
Divide the dough into small lime sized balls and roll it with a rolling pin to 8 centimetres in diameter
Heat the oil in a large pan
Slide the puris one by one gently into the pan and swiftly but gently move the puri till it rises
Remove the puri gently out the pan when it turns a darker shade of golden brown and drain it on a kitchen paper towel
Repeat the process until all the puris are done

Note:  Puris can be rolled in advance and  stored in a cool dry place.  My preference is to lay sheets of baking paper between the lots of puris so it does not stick and can be removed easily for deep frying just before serving!!!
This will help you to manage your time to socialise with the guests!  Since the oil tends to get overheated, rolling out the puris in advance will help you fry it one go!!! 

Puris taste delicious with Channa Masala or Puri Aloo (Baaji)