Red Lentils Carrot Soup

Red Lentils Soup

While the people in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the summer weather, we Sydney siders and our neighbours have started to rug up to brave the cold front!!!
So the thought crossed me to recreate this mouth watering soup, which we were served in one of the hotels from our recent trip to Sri Lanka!!

Am sure you would  like to try out this exotic soup recipe, which is virtually fat and calorie free yet wholesome, nutritious and packed with real goodness???
This soup is prepared with red lentils. optional for  a few veggies to be thrown in to make it  flavoursome delectable and delicious!!!

Happy cooking and sharing!!

Ingredients for 8-10 serves

½   Cup Red Lentils
1 Small Carrot (chopped in quarters)
1 small Tomato (Optional)
Handful Fresh Coriander leaves
A pinch of Turmeric
Salt to taste
1 Tbs Butter or Margarine

2 Cups Water (approximate – (enough for soup consistency)

Red Lentils Soup Carrot Onion Tomato

Red Lentils Soup


Add the margarine or butter in a large pan on the stove.
When it melts, slide in all the chopped vegetables and turmeric
Sauté the vegetables in a medium flame for about 3-4 minutes.
Add the freshly chopped coriander leaves.
Wash the lentils and add it to the veggies with a cup of water
Cook the above soup mix in a pressure cooker and turn in off after a few whistles

Cool and blend it into a soft mixture with the water and salt
You may add more water  to get it to a semi liquid consistency.
Place it on the stove for a couple of minutes

The soup is ready to be served!!
Garnish individual serves with freshly ground pepper.

Note: A clove of garlic may be added to suit the individual’s palate when cooking the soup mix!!