Sesame Powder

Sesame is known as Ellu in tamil, Nuvulu in Telugu and Til (pronounced as Th-il) in hindi.  

Sesame seeds are high in protein, rich source of Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Magnesium.  There are various health benefits that are essential and beneficial to the body which compensates for the high calorie content.

Sesame seeds are popular across the world, which is generously sprinkled on breads and used in other types of cuisine.  Its rich nutty flavour enhances the texture, taste of the dish and hence used in the preparation of some curry dishes as well!!

Both White and Black seasame seeds are equally popular and widely used. 
It has a very high oil content.  Sesame Oil is known as the Queen of Oils as it is a healing oil used in some skin remedies and massages.  This oil is used in the South of India for cooking in some households.   It is suggested that the oil reduces blood pressure and increases the heat in the body during cold weather!!

Sesame Powder is made out of Black or White sesame seeds as the main ingredient and spiced up by adding some red chillies and seasoning!!   White Sesame seeds are used in this recipe.


1 Cup White Sesame seeds
¼ Cup Chann Dal or Yellow Split Peas
1 Tbs Oil
5-6 Red Chillies
¼ inch piece Asafoetida or
½ Tsp. Asafoetida Powder



Dry roast the chann dal for a couple of minutes till it is crisp and set aside on a plate
Dry roast the white sesame seeds till it crackles and changes in colour slightly
Heat the tablespoon of oil, fry the red chillies and asafoetida
Cool the above and grind it into a fine powder

The powder or podi as it is called is ready to be eaten with hot rice and ghee!!

Note: Black sesame seeds may also be used – soak the sesame seeds in water for ½ an hour. Drain the water and dry it out in the sun. Rub in the sesame seeds to remove the husk present in it. Follow the recipe as above.