Sweet Potato Soup

One more delightful soup to add to your table???Well, look no further than this awesome soup primarily made out of sweet potatoes and carrots for a dash of colour!!

Sweet Potatoes are also known as blood sugar bombs, which have fairly low GI and hence lowers blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.
An excellent source of Vitamin C which helps in fighting heart disease and complications of diabetes.

Recent studies have also found that the two main nutrients found in sweet potato – Vitamin C and Beta Carotene are more likely to combat prostate cancer if consumed often in your diet.
Adding sweet potatoes to soups, baking or stir fries is a good way to start including this wonder vegetable as often as you can in your dishes…….

For 6-8 serves

2 medium sized sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped in quarters)
1 Medium Sized Onion (chopped in quarters)
1 Medium Sized Carrot (chopped in quarters)
Handful of Fresh Coriander Leaves
1 Tbs Butter or Margarine
2-3 Cups Water (enough water to arrive at the consistency of soup)

Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potato Soup


Heat a large pot or pan
Add the margarine – When it melts, slide in all the chopped vegetables.
Sauté the vegetables in a medium flame for about 3-4 minutes.
Add the freshly chopped coriander leaves.
Cook the soup mix in a pressure cooker and turn in off after a few whistles or alternatively you can microwave it for about 10 minutes on high or till the veggies are cooked

Cool and blend it into a soft mixture with the water.
You may add more water if necessary to get it to a semi liquid consistency.
Place it on the stove for a couple of minutes and turn off the stove.
The soup is ready to be served!!

Garnish individual serves with freshly ground pepper.

Note: Blend the soup mix into a smooth paste and add enough water to make it into “soup” consistency!!
If it is not smooth enough, ensure that you put it through a sieve to avoid lumps or any grainy unground soup mix!!!