Aloo Methi Tikki

How about serving some Aloo Methi Tikki for the family for tea on this cold wet afternoon Sydney weather?
A combination of  Aloo (Potato) and fresh Methi (Fenugreek) leaves is not only nutritious but tastes delicious
As Potato is very popular among the kids and ofcourse needs no introduction, this recipe will be savoured by all!! 

It is said that there are nearly 4000 varieties of potatoes in various colours, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately we do not eat potatoes raw although they contain a high amount of vitamin C most of it which is lost due to cooking the potato. It is high in Potassium, Vitamin B6 and is good for the heart!!

Methi or Fenugreek leaves is available in most Indian Grocery stores.  It is very easy to grow methi at home too by sprinkling a few methi seeds in a small flower pot!!
It is very rich in fibre, lowers blood glucose leaves and hence excellent for diabetics!!
It accelerates metabolism when your stomach experiences sluggishness or indigestion or flatulence!!
Dried Methi leaves are also available and may be substituted if you do not get your hands on the fresh variety!!

It takes under 20 minutes to prepare this succulent popular dish!!  

Ingredients to make 25

3 Large Potatoes (peeled and chopped in quarters)
¼ Cup Fresh Methi (fenugreek) leaves
1-2 Green chillies
Few Chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves
1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder
1 Tsp Garam Masala Powder
1 Pinch of Turmeric
2 Slices of Toasted Bread or
½ – 1 cup of Bread Crumbs
1-2 Tsp Salt

For the Channa
See Channa Masala Recipe on this website
(halve the quantities mentioned in the channa masala recipe as the channa is used merely as a dressing for the individual tikkis. Use less water as well!


Aloo Potato Methi Fenugreek Leaves Tikki

Aloo Methi Tikki


Boil or Pressure cook the potatoes, set aside to cool
Mash the potatoes and keep aside
Blend the toasted bread to a crumbly texture or
use the bread crumbs available in the super market and spread on a plate
In a bowl mix all the other ingredients for the Tikki with the mashed potato
Divide into small lime sized balls,
Dab the flattened individual patties on to the bread crumbs covering the whole pattie
The patties are ready to be shallow fried in batches of 5-7 based on the size of the pan
(My preference is to shallow fry the tikkis as it is light and fluffy and not too greasy )

To shallow fry, heat a flat pan on medium flame and drizzle some oil around the pan and in the middle

Gently arrange the individual tikkis on the pan
When the bottom portion of the tikki turns golden brown, lift in gently an flip it
When both sides are golden brown, the tikkis are ready to be served!
Fry the remainder of the tikkis in batches as above!

Note: Each individual tikki is topped with the channa, small pieces of onion, finely chopped tomato and fresh coriander leaves and served!!



  1. Looks terrific. Presentation significantly enhances the dish.

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks Vish – the dish is very popular – – I prepared the dish and posted this recipe mainly to share the presentation with all!