Jackfruit Paysam

Jackfruit Paysam or Chakka Pradhaman as it is called in Kerala, south of India is a very popular traditional paysam or pudding.
Jackfruit has its own unique taste and flavour. It is high in energy, has no saturated fats and no cholesterol.
It is highly nutritious with all the vitamins and minerals. This recipe is a combination of the yellow pulp of the jackfruit, coconut milk and jaggery. It tastes awesome and can be served cold or warm.
This is one of my favourite recipes and can be prepared instantly if the ingredients are readily available in the pantry!!!!

Ingredients to serve 10-12 people

3/4 Cup Jackfruit (chopped in small pieces – fresh or tinned)
1/2 – 3/4 Cup Powdered Jaggery
1 Cup Water
350 Grams Coconut Milk
3 Cups of Fresh Milk** (pasteurised or boiled and cooled)
2 Tbs Ghee
5-6 Tbs Chopped Cashewnuts
1 Tsp Cardamom Powder

Chakka Pradhamam

Jackfruit Paysam

Fry the Cashewnuts in the ghee till it turns golden brown, remove it and keep aside
In the same pan, add half a cup of the chopped jackfruit pieces and saute for a a minute or so
Grind the jackfruit pieces into a smooth paste

Bring the cup of water to the boil and add the jaggery
Allow the jaggery to dissolve in the water and let it boil for a few minutes
Add the jackfruit paste to it and stir through the mix for a couple of minutes
Add the coconut milk, fresh milk and mix it well – let the paysam simmer on a low flame for 6-7 minutes and turn the heat off? The remaining jackfruit pieces may be added to the paysam.

Add the fried cashew nuts and it is ready to be served

 Note:  **My preference is to use fresh homogenised and pasteurised milk straight from the fridge without boiling it for most paysams.
If you wish to boil the milk, you may cool it and pour it into the paysam.
I generally use fresh ingredients but love the tinned jackfruits that is available in the super markets as they taste delicious too!!!!



  1. Is there any fruit or vegetable eg. choko, I could substitute for the Jackfruit? They are not available here 🙁

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Hi Sue – the fruit that can be substituted for this sweet pudding or paysam is pinepapple – but tinned jackfruit is available in any asian or indian grocery store or maybe in the asian aisle in supermarkets as well. Choko is a vegetable and can be substituted in making chutneys but not as a sweet treat….
      In fact Sue tinned jackfruit tastes awesome and easier to handle!!! thanks

  2. jayanthi rajan says:

    Hi shobha, Superb payasam. The payasam taste will stay for sometime in yr tongue. Since my MIL is from palakkad, she prepares the payasam in the same way and finally once the payasam is done, in the tawa put 2/3 tsp. of ghee and add 1/2 sp. of jeera. Let it crackle and pour it over the payasam. The jeera will give added flavour to yr payasam.

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thx Jayanthi – am so glad to know that your mil prepares it the same way – will definitely try the ghee and jheera tadka the next time I make it!!