I would like to share this  typical traditional South Indian recipe as it may be compulsory in certain households to offer this on certain auspicious days!!
Maavilakku  as it is known in Tamil Nadu is  Maa  a short form for Maavu (flour) and Vilakku (lamp) and in Andhra Pradesh it is known as Deeparadhana (lamp) Pindi (flour) !

In some households the  lamps are made out of the rice flour or as in the case with this recipe the lamps are made out of wicks and lit amidst the flour and jaggery mix!!
It is generally prepared in the months of January and July-August on Fridays for the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
In other states like Andhra Pradesh it is prepared for Lord Venkateshwara and so it is auspicious to prepare this on Saturdays.

It is customary even today in my husband’s family to prepare this on a friday  in the months of January (thai) and August (Aadi)
In my parents household the offering is made on saturdays in the auspicious month in October (Purattasi).  It has also been a tradition with my mum to prepare this when any member of the family is back from visiting the holy shrine in Tirupati!

A combination of raw rice flour and powdered jaggery are the main ingredients.
Melted ghee is poured in the centre of this mix on a round plate with a lamp made 
out of cotton wool in the centre.
It is generally served  in small quantity once the flame is totally out!!


1 Cup Raw Rice
1 Cup Powdered Jaggery
5-6 Tbs Hot Ghee
1 tsp Cardamom Powder (optional)

2 Small pieces of cotton wool to make 2 wicks in the centre




Soak the rice for half hour in about 2 cups of water.
Drain the water thoroughly and dry the rice on a white cloth or a long paper kitchen towel for about 10 minutes
Grind into a fine powder (Sieve the flour till it is fine in texture)
Mix the Jaggery with the rice flour
Pat the mixture flat around the plate leaving a space in the centre.
Use the small cotton wools to make 2 wicks (a small base with the cotton wool pulled to a wick at the top) and place it in the centre.
Pour the ghee around the wicks

Light the wicks and make this as an offering
Once the flames are out, discard the wicks
Mix it thoroughly and it is ready to be served!

Note: Cardomom Powder is optional. My preference is not to use Cardomom as I prefer the ‘smoked’ flavor which retains the authenticity!!