Mangalore Bonda

Bondas, are generally served as an entree or can be had as a snack – tastes great on a cold, wet evening with a cup of tea!!
This recipe is very simple and popular in Mangalore in state of Karnataka in South India and very few ingredients are used.

The main ingredients are Plain or Self Raising Flour and Semolina with some green chillies that add flavour to the bonda!
Tastes light and scrumptious and most of all easy to prepare!!


1 Cup Plain Flour
¼ Tsp Bi-carbonate Soda OR

1 Cup Self Raising Flour and
A pinch of Bi-carbonate Soda
(the bi-carb soda is added to the batter just before it is fried)
¼  Cup Fine Semolina
¾ Cup Yoghurt (use little by little and add enough just to make a soft batter)
2-3 Green Chillies (finely chopped)
finely chopped coriander leaves
1-2 Tsp Salt
(preferable not to use any water and mix the batter with just the yoghurt)

2 Cups Rice Bran Oil or Any Vegetable oil

Mangalore Bonda

Mangalore Bonda


Take a large bowl and mix the above ingredients (except the bi-carbonate soda) to make the batter adding the yoghurt little by little
The batter should be semi solid in consistency
Set aside preferably for 1-2 hours (based on the quantity, set it for more or less time)
Add the bi carbonate soda when you are ready to fry 

Heat the oil in a deep frying pan on a medium flame
Make small  individual balls (as the bondas become bigger due to the flour mix) and drop it into the oil carefully
Fry the bondas gently turning it to each side till the bonda turns golden brown on all sides
6-8 bondas can be fried in one batch depending on the size of the pan.
Fry them till they turn golden brown
Repeat the process till done

Note:   Bondas can be served with chutney, Capsicum Chutney or sauces!!!