Oats Dosa

Oats Dosa

With most people turning into a healthy diet, adding a bit of ideas and spices to the traditional dishes, makes it worth the while!!!

Oats the wonder grain which is high in Protein Fibre and Rich in Anti oxidants –

Oats is said to reduce total Cholesterol to  a very great extent hence consumption of oats has a  low cardio vascular risk.
It is packed with vitamins and minerals – Oats also has a tendency to take control of your weight!
Although gluten free, it is advisable to double check if you are allergic!


1 Cup of  Oats (Powder it in a blender coarse to slightly fine)
1 Cup Semolina
¾ Cup Fine Rice Flour
¼ Cup Plain Flour
4 Tbs. Sour Yoghurt OR
1/4 Cup Thin Butter Milk
1 Tsp. Salt (to taste)
4-5 Cups Water
½ Tsp. Cumin Seeds
1 Medium Size Very Finely Chopped Onions
Few Curry Leaves

¼ Cup Oil (for shallow frying)


Mix the powdered oats, plain flour, rice flour, rava (semolina), salt and the sour yoghurt or butter milk
Add the water little by little to form a very thin semi liquid batter.
Keep aside for about half hour or even less
When the batter is ready to be used, more water can be added if needed as it tends to thicken.
Add the cumin seeds, curry leaves, finely chopped onions and mix the batter thoroughly.

Method of making the dosa

Place a flat heavy based pan on the stove on high till the pan is heated.
Reduce the flame  and the pan is ready for making the dosas.
Scoop a ladle of the batter and pour the batter starting from around the pan to the centre, filling any spaces that are left out (without touching the pan).
Pour a teaspoon of oil around the dosa and gently but firmly lift the corners after a minute or when it is cooked.
Flip the dosa gently on the other side by using a flat ladle.
The dosa is done when it turns golden brown on the first side and cooked on the 2nd side.

Note: It is very important in the case of this dosa that the batter is very thin unlike the semisolid consistency for the plain dosa or masala dosa.
The manner in which this dosa is made is different. The ladle of batter is poured on to the pan from outside the pan to the centre.

This dosa is generally eaten with coconut chutney or tomato chutney as an accompaniment or with sambhar.