Passion Fruit Kulfi Dessert

Passion Fruit Kulfi

This is a frozen dessert called Kulfi made out of Passion Fruit!!!
The prep time is only 5 minutes but  more time for the Kulfi to set – possibly overnight or through the day if you are going to serve the dessert in the evening!

Passion Fruit is packed with nutrients, rich in anti oxidants and above all has a low glycemic index!
It boosts the immune system and a very good source of Vitamins A and C

This dessert is an absolute treat to both young and old.
One dessert recipe that never fails and a great dessert to have in summer or in winter!!

Ingredients to serve approximately 20 people

1/2 Cup Passion Fruit Pulp
(Canned or fresh passion fruit )
300 ml Fresh Cream
350 ml (*Evaporated Milk (available in local super markets)
400 ml (**Condensed Milk (available in local super markets)

Passion Fruit Kulfi

Passion Fruit Kulfi


In a large rectangular bowl, pour all of the above  one by one including the fruit pulp either canned or freshly scooped  and mix it thoroughly

Pour it into each mould to freeze OR
Place the whole rectangular dish in the freezer
If you have Kulfi cones, mix all the ingredients and fill each cone.
Stand the cones upright in the freezer –

This is set well if left in the freezer for 8 hours or so a whole day or preferably overnight
Grate the Pistachio nuts on top and the kulfi is now ready to be served

Note: The Kulfi has to be taken out of the freezer only minutes before serving as it melts quite rapidly

Mango Kulfi is prepared in a very similar way – See also Rose Kulfi
Pistachio Kulfi also tastes great – grind a handful of pistachios with a little water into a soft mixture and substitute it for the mango pulp.  You may use Pistachio essence to enhance the flavour and colour!!
*Evaporated Milk is milk, which is boiled and reduced to half the quantity available in ready to use cans –**Condensed Milk is Evaporated Milk with the sweetness in it