Pumpkin Red Capsicum Onion Chutney

People from Andhra Pradesh, South of India are best known for their “signature” pickles and chutneys – 

This  awesome Chutney or Pachadi or Thoghayal as it is called in various states in India can be mixed with plain rice and eaten or as an accompaniment to some snacks.
It is pleasing and colourful to the eye and tasty too.
The pumpkin adds a different flavour, texture and dimension to the dish.
It can be served as a dip with plain crackers as an entree too!!!!  great on hot toasts and parathas!


1 Large Onion (chopped into quarters)
20 Medium Sized Pumpkin Pieces
1 Large Red Capsicum (chopped into quarters)
Few Fresh Coriander Leaves (chopped)

For Seasoning

4 Tbs Oil
½ Tsp Mustard Seeds
½ Tsp Urad Dal
¼ Tsp Fenugreek Seeds
2-3 Red Chillies
A pinch Asafoetida OR
¼ Tsp Asafoetida Powder
1-2 Tsp Salt

Pumpkin Red Capsicum Onion Thogayal Chutney

Pumpkin Red Capsicum Onion Chutney


Microwave the pumpkin with a tablespoon of water for 4-5 minutes and keep aside
Heat two tablespoons of oil in the pan
Add mustard seeds, urad dal, fenugreek seeds, red chillies and asafoetida.
Fry for a couple of minutes until the dal turns golden brown.
Add the chopped onions and  capsicum and fry for 4-5 minutes.
The cooked pumpkin is stirred through for a couple of minutes
Cool and grind the above into a soft mixture with the fresh coriander leaves
Heat the remainder of the oil in the pan, add the above mix and stir through for a couple of minutes

The Chutney is ready to be served

Note:  Various combinations of vegetables can be used with or without the onion – adding a different colour and taste to the chutneys!



  1. I love your Chutneys ( or more authentically called Thogayals) Shoba.
    Great Receipe

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks Vish – I love chutneys (thogayals as it is called in tamil nadu and Pachadis as it is called in Andhra) too – they are my favourite – appreciate your feedback!!!

      • srinivasaramanujam.v says:

        yes this recept seems diffrent,with red pumkin,going to prepare tommrow,the dish.usally used it only for sambar.if you have recept to do diffrent ly yam.

        • Shobha Krishnan says:

          Hello Sir – There are various dishes that can be made out of red pumpkin – like you mentioned pumpkin sambar is our family favourite!! I will be posting a soup recipe with the red pumpkin soon which tastes delicious too!!Thank you for browsing and as always value the input too!!