Soji (Sweet Rava) Appam

Ingredients to make approximately 20 medium sized Appams

1 Cup of Sojji
1 Cup Wheat Flour
2 Tbs Plain Flour (Maida)
½  Cup Luke Warm Water (just enough to mix into a soft dough)
2 Tsp Oil (to add to the dough)
4 Tbs Oil (in a bowl to be used to prepare the appams)
2 Cups Oil (for deep frying)

Soji Sweet Rava Appam

Soji Appam


Mix the flour and add the water little by little and knead the mixture to make a firm but soft dough
Add the 2 teaspoons of oil and mix the dough
Divide the dough into very small sized balls
Smear a bit of oil on a baking sheet or a banana leaf and place the dough on it.
Gently pat the dough with the four fingers (other than the thumb), extending the dough on all sides to 6 centimetres in diameter
Place a small ball sized filling of the Rava Kesari in the centre of the dough
Close the filling by bringing the dough from all sides to the centre.
Lightly dip the four fingers  into the bowl of oil and gently but swiftly pat the dough with the filling inside extending it on all sides to 5-6  centimetres in diameter to a circular shape, which is called Appam.

Heat the oil in a large pan and reduce it to a medium flame
Slide the Appam one by one gently into the pan
You may fry up to four at a time
Remove the Appams gently out the pan when it turns slightly golden brown

Repeat the process until all the Appams are done

Note: This tastes great when served cold or hot