Rava (semolina) Kesari

Ingredients to serve 6 people

1 Cup Coarse Rava (Semolina)
2 Cups Sugar
1 ½ Cups Water
6 Tbs Ghee (melted unsalted butter)
2 Tbs. Chopped Cashew nuts
Few Strands Saffrom
A spec of Edible Camphor (optional)
½ Tsp Cardamom Powder
A pinch Orange Food Colouring (Optional)

Rava Semolina  Kesari

Rava Kesari


Add two tablespoons of ghee in a pan and fry the cashew nuts till it turns golden brown
Remove the cashew nuts from the pan by draining the ghee back into the pan
In the remainder of the ghee, fry the rava (semolina) for 2-3 minutes till it looks fluffy and has a roasted flavour
Bring the two cups of water to the boil in a heavy based wide pan
Add the semolina and stir swiftly till it cooks for a few minutes
Sprinkle the saffron and the food colouring.

On a medium flame, pour in the sugar and stir it very swiftly, to avoid chunks of mixture being formed – (if it starts to form lumps, mash it thoroughly)

Let it cook gently stirring the mixture every 30 seconds till it solidifies.
Pour in the remainder of the ghee to the mixture and gently simmer the mixture for 3-4 minutes.
Remove from fire.

Sprinkle the cardamom powder, spec of camphor (which is generally broken between the thumb and the forefinger) on to the dish
Decorate it with the fried cashew nuts sprinkled on the top

It is ready to be served.

Note: This dish is prepared generally by adding the sugar to the water and then adding the fried semolina. My preference is to add the semolina and ensure that it cooked before adding the sugar .
Use Coarse rava (semolina) than fine rava (semolina) as the texture  turns out to be good.  It is also called Sojji. 
The exotic Soji Appam can be prepared with the Rava Kesari.



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