Ugadi Pachadi

The word Ugadi means –  beginning of a New Age.  Uga means Age and Aadi means beginning – Ugadi is celebrated by the Andhras and Kannadigas.  This day is also celebrated by the Marathis as Gudi Padwa and various parts of India mark this day as a special day too.  This festival is also celebrated with huge fanfare.  Festive treats such as Puran Poli and in particular the Ugadi Pachadi is prepared to mark the start of the new year!!! 

Ugadi Pachadi is a combination of all the tastes – Salt, Bitter, Tangy, Sour, Sweet, Chilli Hot – which is a way of portraying that Life is a combination of all of this…….


2-3 Tbs of Neem Flower
1 small lime Sized Tamarind
1 Cup Hot Water
3-4 Tbs of Jaggery (Powdered) or
4-5 Tbs Brown Sugar
1 Small Greeen Chilli (sliced lengthwise)
A Pinch Red Chilli Powder
2-3 Tbs Small Mango Pieces
1 Tsp Salt

Ugadi Pachadi Recipe

Ugadi Pachadi


Soak the tamarind in the cup of water for 10 minutes
Extract the tamarind juice and keep aside in a bowl
Add the powdered jaggery or brown sugar to the tamarind juice in the bowl and mix it thoroughly
The remainder of the ingredients including the salt have to be stirred through to the above

The Pachadi is ready to be served.

 Note:  Tamarind Juice may be substituted for tamarind pulp available in Indian Grocery Stores
Fresh neem flower may not be readily available in some countries, dried neem flower can be used to prepare this dish.