Garlic Rasam

This is one of the greatest winter (wonder) warmers, which my husband, my boys and I have atleast once a week and just love it!!!

The garlic used in this recipe is neither cooked nor fried.  
Fresh garlic is grated on the rasam after the dish is done so it generally does not leave you with a garlic breath…

It is nature’s own powerful anti oxidant as well as an antibiotic.  Therefore it is  also considered to be a “wonder drug”!!!!

Ingredients to serve 6 people

2-3 Pods Peeled garlic
1 Small size Tamarind
½ Cup  HotWater (to soak the tamarind)
½ Tsp. Asafoetida Powder
2 Tsp. Rasam Powder
2 ½ Cups Water
1-2 Tsp. Salt

For Seasoning

2 Tsp. Oil
1 Tsp. Mustard Seeds
Few Curry Leaves

Garlic Rasam Recipe

Garlic Rasam

Preparation of  Garlic Rasam

Soak the tamarind in hot water for about 10 minutes.
Extract the tamarind juice in a pan
Add the asafoetida powder and salt to the water
Boil it for about 6 minutes.
Reduce the flame and add the rasam powder and the curry leaves
Grate the fresh garlic into the rasam and remove from fire immediately.

For Seasoning

Heat oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds.
When it crackles, add the cumin seeds and pour it into the rasam.

Note:  A great winter warmer and said to ward off colds and flu!!!
It can be mixed with rice and eaten or simply had from a cup.

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  1. Sandhya Naidu says:

    And it’s perfect for all colds – no need of Demazin – rasam usually does the trick…..Thank you Shobha for sharing….

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks Sandhya – this wonder drug travelled your way yesterday to my boss’ s wife’s place and she messaged me this morning to say she is feeling better already!!!

  2. Made the Rasam for lunch…it was soul food! Really yummy and comforting…Thanks for the recipe!!!

    • Shobha Krishnan says:

      Thanks dear Mousumi….glad it turned out well and you enjoyed it – really simple recipe and easy to make…..!!isnt it??